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Know where you stand energetically.




Why Body Balancing?

Finding balance in life is essential to happiness and overall physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing. New technological advances are helping us to understand the energy not only within, but also around us.

What is Bio-Well?

Our biofield is the extension of the energy that originates within our body and mind and it extends out and around our body. Bio-Well is a device that uses Biofield Science to offer a unique picture of your state of health by measuring how your body is managing energy and adapting to stress. It specifically measures enhanced energy in the body and looks at the body’s ability to organize light and, at the same time, measures the energy centers. It detects subtle energy changes and evaluates your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual conditions and provides a report for you “to see” what is happening.

Bio-Well + MFR

Knowing where we stand energetically gives us a point of reference to start and make adjustments with MFR and in our lives to achieve energetic balance and wellbeing.

This session is designed specifically for you and is a beautiful place to start your health and self-care journey. Using a Bio-Well energy assessment to illuminate and an MFR session to release your specific area(s) of concern is a powerful combination. And, you can continue your healing at home with a personalized sound meditation created for you during this process.

Bio-Well Energy Reading + MFR

Energy Center Alignment

Energy center alignment before MFR

Energy center alignment before MFR

What we are looking for is the relationship to how these energy centers line up with each other and the uniformity of their size to determine if different systems are working cooperatively with one another.

Energy center alignment after MFR

Energy center alignment after MFR

After a session you can “see” change in the energy center in both size as well as the shape of the energy center—this shows more alignment plus more energy in each center.

Bio-Well Energy Reading +MFR

Human Energy Field (HEF)

Human Energy Field (HEF) before MFR

Human Energy Field (HEF) before MFR

A healthy HEF is relatively uniform around the body, is at an optimum size, and doesn’t show deficiencies or excess in any area.
This image shows the effect stress and anxiety has on the body.

Human Energy Field (HEF) after MFR

Human Energy Field (HEF) after MFR

After an MFR session, you can see a more uniform display around the body showing decreased stress and anxiety.

How we work with you

Schedule your consultation

We’ll get to know your challenge or goal and discuss how we can help.

Receive your readings and sessions

We will start by taking a Bio-Well reading to see the state of your energy centers and identify areas to focus on during your MFR session. After your MFR session, we will take a second Bio-Well reading to show how the body has come into balance. Not only will you feel the difference, but you will also see it too!


Heal and Transform

Continue your healing at home with your personalized sound meditation.

Bio-Well + MFR Individual Sessions and Packages


Bio-Well Reading only $85
1-hour session

Bio-Well & MFR (60 minutes MFR) $195
2-hour session

Bio-Well & MFR (90 minutes MFR) $225
2 1/2-hour session

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