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Why Body Balancing?

Finding balance in life is essential to happiness and overall physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing. New technological advances are helping us to understand the energy not only within, but also around us.

What is Light Color Therapy?

Color therapy is an integrating experience that can ease pain and emotional imbalance by bringing your energy centers (chakras), meridians, and organ systems into balance using colored light. Light color therapy dates back to the ancient civilizations of India, Egypt, and China, and more recently, it has made its way into the veterinary arena. With complementary therapies on the rise, the use of color, and light therapies as adjunctive forms of treatment is becoming more common.

Colors can be used on their own or in different color combinations. Different colors have different properties:
Red – activates and revitalizes
Orange – restores and animates
Yellow – fortifies and brightens
Green – balances and relaxes
Blue – soothes and calms
Indigo – purifies and focuses
Violet – inspires and supports

Light color therapy is similar to homeopathy in that it has vibrational aspects and does not alter the material makeup of the body. Light affects both the physical and etheric bodies.

How does it work?

Colors are vibratory. They generate electrical impulses and magnetic currents (fields of energy ) that activate the biochemical and hormonal processes in our body. When colors are combined with a light source and selectively applied to impaired organs or life systems, they provide the necessary healing energy required by the body. Each color gives off different wavelength frequencies and these different frequencies have different effects on our physical and psychological functions.

Sometimes what is showing up in your pet is a reflection of what is going on with you. So, often pets and owners are treated at the same time. Pets respond faster to light therapy than humans because they don’t have the blockages or resistance to change that we do.

So, by capturing specific color rays or beams of the various wavelengths of light and reintroducing them into the physical body for cellular communication our body, mind, and soul can be re-structured, re-nourished, re-organized, re-balanced, re-harmonized, and re-energized.

Light Color Therapy is used for and can help with

Mood Disorders (depression, anxiety)
Any organ or organ system
Digestion and Metabolism Problems
Strengthen the Immune system
Reduce overall recovery after medical/surgical procedures.
Pain Management
Burn and wound recovery
And more!

Additionally, Light Color Therapy may enhance existing therapies you are currently using and may address problems that have not yet responded to other traditional methods.

How we work with you

Schedule Your Consultation

We’ll get to know your challenge or goal and discuss how we can help.

Receive Your Therapy Session 

Your light color protocol will be determined and you’ll begin therapy and coaching either in-house, remote, or a combination of the two. This is a truly collaborative process and experience.


Heal and Transform

Going forward, know you have an advocate and healer on your side.

Light Color Therapy Individual Sessions and Packages


Initial session $65

60-minute session includes intake + initial therapy
(In-person or distant) (may include your pet)


Monthly packages include two 30-minute phone calls to receive progress and feedback. You will receive notifications on the days you are receiving light and told what color is being used and the corresponding benefit.

1 month $250
2 months (10% savings) $450
3 months (12% savings) $660


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