” I’ve been a client of Simply Naturals for over five years. Melinda is at the forefront of the latest skincare treatments and product innovations. I see her every month for facials and use her products exclusively because they work. Ultimately, she’s the reason I get compliments on my skin!”  —Julie W.


“I’ve been seeing Melinda for MFR sessions for several years now. When I just want to let go and don’t know how, or if there is acute pain, tightness, soreness, or when I just feel that it’s time to see her again, I go see her. An intuitively guided MFR treatment by Melinda is purely emotional, magical release.”  —Amy M.


“I see Melinda for all my ebbing pain. I was experiencing deep pain in my side, was not able to pinpoint the cause, and had been unable to sleep well at night for about two weeks. After a couple of visits, Melinda’s healing hands released some tension in my psoas muscle. With this MFR release, not only was my pain eliminated, but my breathing was helped and I have no more problems sleeping. So grateful.”  —Orly P.


“I am in my early 20’s, had been experiencing pretty intense sciatica pain, and had just been diagnosed with two bulging disks. I went to see Melinda at the urging of a family member. When I met with her I had limited mobility, was experiencing intense pain, and a high-stress level due to my predicament. After one session I was more relaxed, and the pain level had significantly been reduced. After the second session, my mobility was 100% and the pain was gone. I now see Melinda monthly to keep ahead of ANY issue. I am a believer!”  —Connor D.


“I originally went to Melinda for intermittent pain from a sprained ankle that really never healed. The pain was just discomfort, but my foot turned inward, or kind of flopped when I laid down. After one session, Melinda not only corrected my flopped foot but also alleviated any remaining discomfort associated with it. Melinda is now my “go-to” for any muscle tightness or pain in my body.”  —Garrett D.


“Scars matter. I came to Melinda with intermittent nagging knee pain that I had been seeing my chiropractor for. He is great and resolved it in the moment, however, it always came back. Melinda and I spoke about it, I came in, and she held my knee and was guided to discuss, and apply light pressure to, both my appendectomy and C-section scars. From there my knee released, and I have not had any pain or problems with my knee pain since.”  —Tammy D.


“If your body is telling you that you need guidance, don’t hesitate for one moment to see Melinda. Her skills and her intuition literally radiate when she is treating me during myofascial release. I am constantly amazed when I experience how the mind and body are connected and Melinda has shown me the “ah-hah” moments with each treatment.”  —Lisa P.


“Melinda began light therapy for me and my 15-year-old dog who was experiencing frequent coughing, eyesight issues and has a heart murmur. After a couple of weeks of light therapy on both myself and Buddy, I began to see a significant reduction in his coughing. After three weeks he had NO coughing at all. We are in the 3rd month of light therapy and Buddy has actually run on several occasions, still has no cough, and has some improvement in his eyesight. I am so grateful to Melinda for the work she is doing. I don’t know how it works but I know it DOES work. Thank you Melinda!”  —Christine H.