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Carefully curated facials to be “best in class” using natural products, cutting edge techniques, and services.




Why our facials?

Because they are carefully curated to be “best in class” by using natural products, cutting edge techniques, and services. They focus on exfoliation, rejuvenation, and anti-aging for measured results with the least amount of downtime.

All facials include LED light therapy and hydrating masks for stimulation of collagen and elastin, reduction of hyperpigmentation, comfort, healing, and hydration.


I’ve been a client of Simply Naturals for over five years. Melinda is at the forefront of the latest skin care treatments and product innovations. I see her every month for facials and use her products exclusively because they work. Ultimately, she’s the reason I get compliments on my skin!

Julie W.

How we work together

Schedule Your Consultation

I’ll get to know your challenge or goal and discuss how I can help.

Receive Your Therapy Session 

Together we uncover the root cause of your discomfort, release it, and determine if a plan for additional therapy is needed for you to heal.


Heal and Transform

So you can live a longer healthier life! 

Facials Offered and Pricing


If you’re experiencing dehydration, dryness, or irritation, a Hydration Facial will bring water content back into your skin and lock in the moisture.


Manual Exfoliation

Light Peel

Moisturizing Mask

20 Minutes of LED Light Therapy



Have radiant and supple skin.

BT Titan MicroExfoliation

Microexfoliation takes exfoliation to the next level. It is tailored and adapted to your specific needs and gives you smooth and luminous skin.


BT Titan MicroExfoliation

Hyaluronic Mask

20 Minutes of LED Light Therapy




Have smooth and luminous skin



Restore your skin’s firmness and reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles.


Manual Exfoliation Light Peel

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

30 Minutes of LED Light Therapy

Hyaluronic Mask 



Have fresh, smooth, and young-looking skin.

Enhancers and Add-ons

Additional LED Light Therapy

For collagen and elastin stimulation, hyperpigmentation, and comfort
$10 per each 10 minutes


Lip $20; Brow $20; Bikini $30; Brazilian $50

Custom Facials and Additional Service

Available upon request please inquire for pricing

Self-care at Simply Natural to Heal and Transform Your Mind, Body, and Soul 


Relax and be guided beyond your symptoms to identify the root cause of your challenge.


Release what has been holding you back and keeping you stuck.


Regain your health and energy so you can feel vibrant, energetic, and renewed.